WeCare Basic Screening

Covers 66 Parameters Just ? 900 450

  • ?CBC- ( 25 Parameters)
  • Kidney Function Test - (08 Parameters)
  • Liver Function Test- (12 Parameters)
  • Urine R/M - (18 Parameters)
  • Electrolytes Profile- (3 Parameters)
  • Uric Acid- (1 Parameter )
  • Calcium - ( 1 Parameter)


?This package is covering screening of basic vital organs such as :- Liver Function Test - LFT, Kidney Function Test- KFT, Complete Blood Count - CBC & Urine routine & microscopy - R/M.

   Blood & Urine Sample Type
       No Fasting is Required 
 Same Day reporting By 11 Pm
   Free Home Collection

?Why Should We Perform Full Body Checkup ?

  • A full-body health checkup can identify any health problem in its early stages
  • Full Body Health Checkup A complete body health checkup is an excellent way to ensure the overall health of your body.
  • Doctors will also run lab tests and recommend supplements based on your blood test results.
  • A full-body health checkup can also detect acute heart, kidney, and liver diseases. Its an essential part of preventative healthcare and one that everyone should prioritize. 
  • A full-body health checkup is an excellent way to diagnose any health problems that might arise in the future. 
  • A full-body health checkup is inexpensive when done at the right time. Delaying a complete body health checkup will result in an undetected illness and a higher medical bill.   

?Full Body Checkup In Noida

?80 Tests at Rs.720/-

?Full Body Checkup In Ghaziabad/Vaishali

?82 Tests at Rs.889/-