ANA (Anti nuclear antibodies) ELISA

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The ANA (Anti nuclear antibodies) ELISA test is a type of blood test that can be used to help diagnosis an autoimmune disease. This test checks for the presence of proteins called antinuclear antibodies, which are often found in patients with lupus or scleroderma. The ANA (Anti nuclear antibodies) ELISA test is a useful tool for diagnosing these diseases and monitoring the progression of an autoimmune disease.

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Why Should We Perform Full Body Check up ?

A full body checkup is a way to get an idea of the current state of your health. You can either do it on your own or make an appointment with a doctor or specialist. Either way, you should record any changes such as weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in order to detect any abnormalities before they become chronic conditions. The best time for a full body checkup is when you turn 40 years old because that is the age when age-related diseases start to show up in people.